Four Low-Budget Additions To Your Deck For Family Enjoyment

31 March 2015
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Is your deck in need of improvement? Maybe it's sagging or falling apart, or maybe it's just not configured for the way you want to use it. If you're repairing or rebuilding your deck, here are three ways to make better use of it for your family's enjoyment.

Safer Hand Railing

Just about every deck renovation involves repairing or replacing railings. Your first priority should to be to make sure that your hand railings are user-friendly and up to code on any stairways.

This is a great opportunity to also make your perimeter railings more attractive and give your deck a unique and less generic appearance. With the array of beautiful railing designs on the market now, you can have your pick of horizontal or vertical railing in wrought iron, steel, or other easy-to-maintain metals (versus wood, which is subject to rot and needs frequent repainting).

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Built-in Bar

As long as you're rebuilding your railings, why not build in a bar in one corner of the deck? You can place it to take advantage of an attractive vista or nice corner of your yard. Enjoy the view, and watch kids or pets below while socializing over coffee or drinks.

A built-in bar doesn't take up much space, and other than a few bar stools, you won't have much furniture to move or store.

Kid/Pet Play Area

If you have kids or pets that like to play outside, think about creating a special notch on the deck just for them. Wall it off from the rest of the deck with the same railing you use around your perimeter, and put in a gate for easy access--like a giant outdoor playpen.

Add built-in storage bins with benches on top for toys and other paraphernalia. Equip this part of the deck with whatever keeps your crew busy, whether that's a baby pool, dog toys, or play kitchen. If you place a canopy or arbor over the top, it's a great spot for outdoor naps while you snooze nearby in a lounge chair.

Backyard Theater

Love your weekend movie night but hate to give up those gorgeous summer evenings outdoors? You can have it all with a backyard movie theater.

This doesn't have to be a costly or high-tech project. Simply hang a roll-down white screen (like an old slide projector or film screen) from the roof. Use eye bolts and carabiners from the soffit so you can unhook the screen when not in use.

Shop around for a reasonably priced projector and outdoor speakers. You can connect the projector to a computer, television, or DVD player indoors and run the cord outdoors if wireless transmission isn't possible.

Add comfy seating, like rows of chaise lounges or a modular sofa, and tables for snacks. A cooler, mini fridge, or popcorn machine are nice touches for a fun evening.

If you live in a warm climate, you want to be able to use your deck all year to expand your living space. And if you reside in a wintry zone, you want to soak every precious minute out of summer you can. Try one or two of these deck additions, and the inside of your home might just start to feel a little lonely.