Receiving Unique Benefits From Your Education - Exciting Career Options For Structural Engineers

1 April 2015
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An old stereotype claims that engineers are risk averse, analytical people who don't have an exciting day to day career life. If you're feeling trapped by this archetype and eager to break out into a new, exciting field that still makes use of your education, it's important that you do all you can to stay aware of your options.

Below, you'll find a guide to some uncommon and exciting career possibilities for structural engineers. These jobs will provide challenges that you may not have considered while also breathing fresh air into your day to day, and embracing these challenges can go a long way towards massively increasing your professional satisfaction.

Amusement Park Engineering

While roller coasters and amusement park rides provide a great thrill to the general public, they also provide a great deal of excitement for engineers. The task of keeping rides safe and functioning falls to structural engineers who are tasked to diagnose issues and find quick solutions, and those opportunities can be thrilling.

Working in the engineering department of an amusement park will provide you with a great deal of opportunity to get outside and way from a desk. You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing your work will contribute directly to enjoyment for a large amount of people while simultaneously providing you with a number of unique challenges.

Race Track Engineering

Motor sports have quickly become some of the most widely watched and enjoyed spectator sports in the United States. The participation in these sports, however, requires a dedicated staff of engineers who are focused in making sure the race surface stays stable and secure.

Your engineering tasks will be largely focused on examining possible failings in the race surface and engineering that surface to stand up to its rough use. You'll also have to handle the acoustic challenges of dissipating race noise and providing an exciting, fun, and safe environment for potential spectators.

Artificial Intelligence Design

The possibility of developing a sustainable artificial intelligence has been one of the biggest conundrums facing computer programmers for many years. What you may not realize, however, is that there are also many structural engineering challenges in that same field. Working in artificial intelligence will provide you with the opportunity to design next generation structures that can be easily manipulated by machines, and will also lead you to a focus on environmental sustainability that will maintain an ethic that is becoming increasingly important.