Bedroom Smells Old And Musty? Check Your Closet

5 October 2015
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If your bedroom smells old and musty during the day, check your closet for signs of mold. Mold usually grows in the kitchen, bathroom and other places in the home that use water. But sometimes, mold grows in unexpected places when you expose them to mold spores, such as your bedroom closet. Here's how you find signs of mold in your bedroom closet and tips to get rid of it.

Remove Perfumes From the Bedroom and Turn Off the AC

Although you know mold is growing somewhere in your closet, you must use your sense of smell to find its exact location. This means turning off the air conditioning system, as well as removing perfumes and powders from the bedroom. Some cosmetic products mask other odors, even mold.

The air blowing through your air conditioning system can pick up the mold's scent and send it elsewhere in the room and house. In addition, mold grows best in warm conditions, which means you can smell it better when the AC unit's off. 

After you do the things above, open up your closet and wait 5-10 minutes for the bedroom to warm up. Eventually, the mold will release a musty odor into the room.

Look for Mold on Your Carpet, Clothing and Walls

Now, it's time to find the mold and get rid of it. First, look over your clothing for signs of mold. If you placed sweaty, damp or wet items in the closet, mold most likely grew on them and spread to other items in the closet.

It's a great idea that you remove all the clothing from the closet and wash the items in hot, soapy water. If some of your clothing require warm or cold water, wash the items as instructed. However, you should wash the special items twice to kill the mold on them. For shoes, belts and other accessories, use white vinegar and water to wipe down the items. 

Once you take care of your clothing and accessories, turn your air conditioning system back on and look beneath your closet's carpeting for mold. Mold spores can travel to the flooring and spread between it. Unless you have hardwood flooring beneath your carpeting, you can clean the floor with white vinegar and hot water. Be sure to place a circulating fan in the closet to dry the water. 

Finally, cover the carpeting with a thick vinyl tarp and spray down the walls of the closet with a mixture of one part white vinegar, one part cold water, and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. The solution will kill the mold spores on the wall and prevent them from spreading to the rest of the room. 

If you need more help with your mold problem, contact a contractor for a mold inspection today.