Three Simple Tips That Will Maximize Your Washing Machine's Life

13 October 2015
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It's an inconvenience when your washing machine breaks down, especially if you have a large family with constant laundry demands. As soon as you notice that the machine is no longer cleaning your clothing as it should, give a call to a local appliance repair business in your city. The company will send out a technician to identify the nature of your problem and provide you with a quote to fix it. Once the appliance has been repaired and is working as good as new, it's your chance to ensure that you use the machine carefully to lessen your risk of future problems. Here are three tips to get a long life out of your washing machine.

Don't Overload It

Any time you have a lot of laundry to get done, it's tempting to fill the washing machine's basket beyond its suggested capacity. Doing so, however, puts extra strain on the machine's motor and belt and can prematurely age the washing machine. Consult the machine's manual to determine the ideal capacity -- and remember, overloaded machines won't be able to wash or rinse your clothing as thoroughly as machines that are loaded to the proper capacity.

Always Use The Right Detergent

Don't ever attempt to save money by buying a low-end detergent to use with your washing machine. If your washing machine is a high-efficiency model, as many on today's market are, it should only be used with high-efficiency detergent. You'll be able to ascertain that you're buying the right detergent by looking for the "HE" logo, meaning "high-efficiency," in clear lettering on the box or bottle. Traditional laundry detergent can have a tendency to make too much foam, which can be detrimental to the health of your high-efficiency machine.

Clean The Machine

Check your washing machine's manual to determine how frequently you should run a cleaning cycle. If you can't find this information, cleaning the machine every six months is appropriate, although you might choose to do it more frequently if you do lots of laundry or begin noticing that your clothing isn't as clean as you'd like it to be. Many high-efficiency washing machines have a specific cleaning setting -- all that you need to do is set your dial to this mode and then press the "Start" button. Otherwise, you can run a normal cycle, but without laundry, using a specially designed cleaning solution that you can buy in stores.

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