Four Things You May Have To Deal With During And After A Flood

23 January 2016
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Dealing with a flooded home can be a big headache. First, you will need to get the standing water out, then deal with cleaning up the mess that is left behind. If you know what to do first, you may be able to avoid many problems that may come later, such as mold and mildew. You may even be able to save some of your personal property by acting quickly. Here are some things that you will need to deal with before and after your home is flooded:

1. Dealing With Standing Water And Keeping It Out

Getting the water out of your home should be your first priority. You may want to contact a water removal service to help you with this task. While you are waiting on them, you can use hoses and wet vacuums to get the water out. If you have pool equipment, the larger diameter hoses used to clean pools can be a great tool to get water out. To keep water out, keep hoses pumping water and build levees if the flood is due to rising water near your home.

2. Rescuing Personal Items Before They Are Destroyed By The Flood

When your home is flooded, there are a lot of personal items that can be damaged. You will want to get them out first. Some of the materials you may want to try to salvage. If there are electronics, you may be able to save them by getting them out before they get wet. Some electronics may have parts that can be salvaged. This is why you want to get them to a dry, safe place quickly.

3. Cleaning Out Materials That Can Cause Mold And Mildew Problems Later

There are also materials that can hold moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew. You will want to remove carpet and other absorbent materials that can cause these problems. If the water does not contain sewage, carpets may be cleaned and reinstalled. Anytime there is sewage in the flood water, these materials will have to be replaced.

4. Beginning The Demolition And Drying Out Your Home To Avoid Future Problems

Once you have started with the priority cleaning tasks, you will be ready to begin demolition. You will want to remove any drywall and trim that water has reached. You can remove one row of drywall throughout the damaged area to make it easier to dry your home out to begin the renovation process.

These are some of the things that you will need to deal with when your home is flooded. If you need help getting water under control in your home, contact a water restoration company like Flagship Restoration to help.