4 Home Improvements That Will Help Keep Mold Out After Removal

19 February 2016
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If you have recently had a mold problem in your home, getting the mess out is only the beginning of your battle. You will first want to do repairs to the problem that caused the mold in the first place. You may also want to do improvements to your home to help keep the mold out in the future. Here are some home improvements that can help protect your home from mold problems:

1. Do Small Repairs That Can Prevent Moisture For Mold Growth

Many of the small repairs that you may overlook can contribute to mold problems in your home. If you have a pipe with a small drip, it is important to fix it to keep the mold out. You may also want to check areas like HVAC ductwork, which can cause condensation and mold when not properly insulated.

2. Add Ventilation Systems To Help Keep Moisture And Humidity Under Control

Good air circulation is also important to keep the mold out of your home. There may be areas in your home with more humidity, such as a basement or closed bathroom. In these areas, you may want to consider an additional ventilation system, which will help to keep humidity under control and prevent mold growth.

3. Clean Up And Water Problems ASAP To Prevent Mold From Starting To Grow

When you have a problem with water in your home, the sooner you can get the mess cleaned up the better. Do not wait to start getting the water out when you have plumbing problems or your home is flooded. The sooner you can get the water out and dry your home, the less likely that you will be to have a mold problem later.

4. Use Mold Resistant Products In Your Home To Help Keep The Fungus Out

There are also many materials that you can use to prevent mold growth, such as drywall with an anti-fungus treatment. You can also get additives for paints to help prevent mold from growing on walls. In areas like basements, you may want to consider non-organic flooring and wall finishes, such as vinyl. Mold will be less likely to grow on these materials and easier to clean up if you do have a problem.

These are some household improvements that you may want to consider to protect your home from mold problems. If you need help getting mold cleaned up in your home, contact an water damage restoration contractor to get the help you need cleaning up the mess.

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