What The Best Water Damage Restoration Companies Should Offer You

10 March 2016
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If your house has been damaged by water, you are going to want to call a water damage restoration company like Western Skies Restoration Inc to help you clean up the water and get your things in order. As you call around, make sure that the water damage restoration company can offer you the following things.

#1 24 Hour Assistance

The first thing any water damage company should offer you is 24 hour assistance. Water damage can strike at any time; it does not operate on a 9–5 business schedule. When your home is damaged by water, time is extremely important. The quicker the issue is addressed,  the less of a potential negative impact it will have on your home.

If you call a water damage company, and they can't send someone out to help you right now, move on to the next company. They should be able to come and assist you no matter the time of day or night that your water emergency hits.

#2 Insurance Assistance

Generally, when you have a water damage emergency, you need to get your insurance company involved in the process. Depending on your homeowner's insurance policy, your water damage restoration costs may be covered by your insurance. 

The water damage company that you work with should have a dedicated insurance specialist on hand who can help you with the claim process. They can make sure that everything is documented from the first steps to the last step. they can also help communicate directly with your insurance company. Using a water damage company that offers insurance assistance will make the whole experience easier. 

#3 Mold Testing

Finally, whenever there is water damage, there is a possibility for mold to develop. Find out if the water damage company you are interested in using will test for mold after they are done cleaning up. You don't want to find out a month after you thought the water was cleaned up that you now have a mold problem. A quality water restoration company will take steps to reduce the humidity in your home and ensure that you don't end up with a mold problem down the line. Be sure to ask how they plan to prevent mold from taking advantage of your water damage.

When you hire a water damage restoration company, make sure that you hire one that will be able to offer you immediate assistance cleaning up the water, assistance dealing with your insurance company and ensuring that mold doesn't take root in your home.