3 Tips To Help Clean Up Water Damage And Prevent Potential Mold Problems

27 July 2016
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If your home has recently been flooded, damage can be a lot of work to cleanup since you do not want problems to resurface later. Making sure you take care of any potential mold problems is important if you want to ensure your home does not have any problems after you complete repairs. Here are some tips to help you with the cleanup of any water damage and ensure that there is no mold issues when you are done:

1. Removing Any Materials That Can Harbor Moisture

Materials like carpet can be some of the most dangerous materials in your home that harbor moisture and allow mold to grow. In many cases, it is best to completely remove and replace materials like these. This is especially true for homes that have been flooded with water that contained sewage or other contamination. Other materials that you will want to replace include things like drywall and cloth materials that can harbor moisture and create the perfect conditions for mold and other organisms to grow.

2. Allowing Your Home To Thoroughly Dry Before Rebuilding

When your home has become flooded with water from one cause or another, cleaning out the standing water is the first thing to do. Once the water is gone, there is still a lot of moisture that gets left behind. This is why it is important to open everything and let your home thoroughly dry out. There are large commercial fans that can be used for this task, which you can contact a water damage restoration service to bring and set up to ensure that you do not have problems with moisture trapped inside your home after a flood.

3. Cleaning And Killing Any Mold Spores That May Have Started To Grow

Mold spores can be another problem that you have to deal with when your home has been flooded. Even if you remove materials and dry everything out, mold spores can be left behind. This can be a potential mold problem if there is even the slightest moisture available. Before you can begin rebuilding, you will want to have your home cleaned and any potential mold spores killed.

These are some tips to help you deal with water damage and ensure that there are not any mold problems when you get finished. If you are ready to start with restorations, contact a water damage restoration service like Flood Damage Restoration to help you with this challenging task.