3 Tips To Give Your Basement Finishing Project A Rustic Look

28 September 2016
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If you are ready to finish the basement in your home, you may want to make it blend in to the rest of your home. If the interior design inside and out is rustic, it can be continued throughout the finished basement area. When doing a rustic look in the basement, you may want to think outside of the box and use modern materials or stone for walls. Here are some tips to give your basement finishing project a durable rustic look:

1. Use Stone And Natural Materials To Work With In The Basement

Stone can be a great material to use in your basement finishing project. If you have existing stone walls, just renovate them for the finishing touches. You can also cover concrete walls with thin stone veneers to give your basement an aged look. If you want a stone look for floors, you may want to consider acid staining concrete for an affordable basement flooring solution for your home.

2. Synthetic Wood Timbers That Can Add An Authentic Look To Trim Features

If your home has timber features through the trim on upper levels, you may want to continue this downstairs in the basement. Today, there are synthetic timbers that can be added to basement ceilings to give an authentic, rustic timber look. These materials can also be used to create other personal touches, such as niches with rustic trim around the edges or details to give walls a timber look. These materials can be lightweight and made of foam, which can make them easy to use for trim features, as well as easy to remove or repair. 

3. Rustic Reclaimed Materials With A Protective Finish To Add Finishing Touches In The Basement

Rustic materials can also come from some unconventional places. You may want to consider reclaimed materials for some of the features in your basement finishing project. This can be more commonly used materials like reclaimed barn wood and lumber materials. You may also want to look for other materials, such as used farm equipment and well-worn metal structural elements to add a personal touch to the rustic design.

These are some tips that can help you give your basement finishing project a rustic, natural look. If you are ready to add space to your home by finishing the basement, before you get started contact a water repair service (like Arkansas Restoration Services Inc) to help you with improvements to keep the water out.