Should You DIY Fire Damage Restoration?

28 January 2019
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Fire can cause a lot of damage inside your home. It's not just the large fires you should be afraid of, even the small fires can cause serious damage if they occur in certain areas. Once the fire has been put out, the next problem is usually what to do about the damage.

After a fire, you'll need to try and get your house and its contents back to their original condition. Many homeowners attempt to do this on their own, but is this a good idea?

Special Equipment is Needed for the Job

A little bit of light cleaning will not do the job when it comes to fire damage restoration. Many items and parts of your house will require deep cleaning to remove as much of the residue, soot and smoke odor as possible.

Although there are some people who will recommend some DIY alternatives, you can't expect to get professional-level results with anything but professional level supplies. Unless you have these, you shouldn't try the restoration.

Hidden Health Risks

A fire can expose you to certain health risks long after it has been put out. The soot and other particles from the fire may have toxic substances, and the fire may also make previously safe substances very toxic.

Going in to clean such things without any idea of the kind of health risks you're exposing yourself to is a bad idea. You could end up with respiratory problems and other health complications due to this.

Assessing the Damage

Another reason why you may want to reconsider DIY restoration after a fire is poor damage assessment. To an untrained eye, certain items may be damaged beyond hope. However, an expert may know what is needed to reverse the damage. You could throw away a lot of items that could be restored by an expert. Depending on the value of these items, this could be a very costly mistake.

It Could Take You a Long Time

There will be plenty of other things that need to be done after a fire. You may be trying to salvage some of your belongings while also trying to find a suitable place for your family to stay. You'll also need to follow up on your insurance claim among other things. To be doing all this while also trying to undo the damage caused by the fire can be extremely stressful. Hiring experts will be a lot more convenient.