How A Mold Damage Restoration Company Helps You Deal With A Moldy Basement

10 June 2019
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If you don't go down to your basement very often, it can be an unpleasant surprise to make a trip down the stairs and be greeted by mold on the walls or floor. Mold can grow anywhere in your home, but mold seems to like basements since basements are often damp. While water leaks can be responsible for mold growth, so can high humidity and condensation. If there's too much moisture in a space, then mold is always a threat. Here are some tips for getting rid of mold in the basement and how a mold damage restoration company helps. 

Kill Mold By Yourself In Small Areas

If the mold is in a small area such as behind a water heater that is dripping, then you may want to clean it yourself. First, buy a mold-killing product or use bleach and scrub the concrete walls until the mold is killed and removed. Mold can sometimes leave behind stains, and you may need to cover them with sealing paint. It's also very important to fix the cause of high humidity, such as calling a plumber to fix your water heater, or the mold will probably come right back.

Call A Mold Damage Restoration Company For Widespread Mold

If the moldy area is over 10 square feet in size, you should call a mold damage restoration company to get rid of the mold. One reason this is important is so the mold spores won't spread as they're being scrubbed and eliminated. Another reason is so you won't expose yourself to dangerous mold by working in the basement scrubbing mold for hours. A professional crew uses safety equipment to keep mold off of their skin and out of their respiratory system. They usually set up a ventilation system that pulls mold spores out of the house too, so spores don't get concentrated in the air or get pulled to the upper level of your home.

The crew can also figure out the right way to clean up the mold. If you use your basement for storage and you have boxes that are moldy or clothing and furniture that are affected, the cleanup may be more involved than just scrubbing down walls. A mold damage restoration company can clean mold off of about anything, but you may want to throw out fabric items that have mold stains or are too difficult to dry out.

The cleaning crew scrubs and cleans the basement until all traces of mold are gone. They may also do some restoration work depending on whether your basement is finished and drywall needs to be replaced. However, if your basement needs foundation repair or waterproofing to dry out the space, you may need to call in a different contractor for that. Since wet basement problems can also be caused by condensation, the mold restoration company may help you fix the condensation problem and set up a dehumidifier so your basement dries out and stays that way.