How Strong Wind Can Damage Your Asphalt Roof And Repairs The Roof Could Need

5 December 2019
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An asphalt shingle roof is made to withstand strong winds. However, unusually strong winds or strong winds combined with an old roof could lead to shingle damage. It's always good to check your roof after a bad storm, even if you just do it from the ground. Keep in mind that some damage may not be visible except from the roof itself, and even then, you may not notice damage that a roof repair service would pick up on. Here are ways that wind can damage a roof as well as repairs that could be needed.

Deck Damage From Blowing Debris

If a heavy object is slammed against the roof, the deck of the roof could be punctured or cracked. This kind of damage is usually easy to spot since there could actually be a hole in the roof or a big tree limb on top of your house. This type of roof repair could be extensive and entail replacing the entire roof and deck. If the damage is small, the roof may only need part of the deck cut out and replaced so new shingles can be applied. If there's a hole in your roof, it should be covered with a roof tarp until you're able to have the repair work done so rain doesn't get in your attic and cause water damage.

Lifted Shingles From Strong Winds

When the wind is strong enough, it can lift shingles out of place. You might notice crooked or missing shingles, or you may see shingles flap in the wind. It's not always possible for you to spot lifted shingle damage because your roof may look fine when the wind lifts shingles and then drops them back in place. This can be a serious situation for your roof if lifting the shingles caused nails to pull up and be loose in their holes. When the nails and shingles aren't tight, rain can leak under the shingles and drip through the holes. You may have no idea this is even happening until you notice water damage in your attic or a water stain on your ceiling.

If this damage is caught early enough, the roof repair service might nail the shingles back in place using the same holes so the holes are filled. It might also be necessary to replace the old shingles with new ones in the damaged area. If the shingle damage isn't caught early and rain leaks on the deck for weeks or months, then the deck may rot. Once a deck rots, it is cut out and replaced, which can add to the cost of the repairs.

It's not practical to call for a roofing inspection after every storm, but you might want to when a particularly bad storm rolls through that leaves damage in its wake. The rest of the time, check your roof from the street and look for bent gutters that might indicate something struck the roof and shingles that look out of place, cracked, or curled so you can have repairs done before your roof starts leaking.

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