House Foundation Repairs To Keep Your Home From Settling And Sinking

14 September 2020
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There are a lot of problems with home foundations that can lead to serious structural issues and other damage to your home. Therefore, foundation repairs are often needed to stop problems with settling, sinking, and structural failures. The following house foundation repairs will help you deal with the issues you are having with your home:

  • Load bearing points sinking in soils—The load-bearing points of foundations can sometimes be under a lot of stress, and your home can begin to settle when the support systems fail. These problems can sometimes be due to the foundation lacking sufficient footing beams to support structural loads or due to the soft soils sinking under the excess weight. To repair the problems with sinking load-bearing points, techniques like pier jacking can be used to correct these issues.
  • Settling problems causing structural damage—The foundation can also be damaged due to other settling issues. Sometimes, the settling problem may not be just in isolated load-bearing points—it can also be due to the entire structure settling unevenly. There are options like tensioned concrete systems that can be used to deal with these issues to prevent serious structural damage. The repairs may also be combined with other techniques like pier jacking to prevent serious damage to the structure.
  • Issues with static pressure damaging foundation walls—The foundation can also be damaged by static pressure, which is caused by groundwater. This is a problem that happens at foundation walls that are below the soil elevations outside of your home. Static water pressure damage can be prevented with good drainage and updates to waterproofing systems. Today, there are several options for systems that can reduce the static pressure against foundation walls, which include drainage pipes and modern waterproofing that protects the structure from this type of stress.
  • Other structural problems that damage your home—The problems with structural damage to your home can also include stress due to poor foundation design and failing structural elements like piers and columns. These are additional problems that may need to be addressed when you have other foundation repairs done that need to be done. You should have your home inspected for these types of structural damages and problems that will need to be repaired.

The repairs to your foundation are going to prevent serious problems that only get worse with time. Contact a house foundation repair service for help with the repairs before these problems get out of control.