How To Remove Water Damaged Carpet

30 March 2021
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If you need to remove your carpet floor after it has been water damaged from flooring, it can be a costly project. Carpet replacement is a common and affordable remodel, but it can be costly to remove water-damaged carpet and pads. However, there is one very practical and manageable way to reduce the cost of your carpet replacement after it is water damaged. You can remove your existing carpet and pads yourself to greatly reduce the overall cost of the project. This article shows how to do this.

The key to removing water-damaged carpet is to use space heaters to dry it out as quickly as possible. But you might need to get it off of the floor even if it still heavy and wet to prevent moisture damage and mold formation.

What You Need

Make sure you are prepared and have the right tools on hand. Most importantly, you want to have a heavy-duty utility knife with several replacement blades, some large flat head screwdrivers, traditional claw hammers, leather gloves, and eye protection.

Getting the Carpet Up

First, you need to get your carpet off of the ground. This is the most physical part of the entire job, and it can often be a little difficult finding an edge from where you can rip the carpet up. Once you find an edge, you can dig it out using the flathead screwdriver. Once you get enough of the edge pulled out, you can grab it with the claw end of a hammer and start to yank it up. As you pull the carpet up, you'll probably need to use the utility knife to cut it into smaller pieces that are easier to lift and carry out of the house.

This can definitely be backbreaking labor because you need to bend down and spend a lot of time on your knees. Of course, lifting the heavy wet carpet is also more tiring. But, it isn't necessarily more complicated work, it's just tiring. Now that your carpet is up, you need to also remove the carpet pads. Most carpet pads will be stapled or glued to the subfloor. Just try to rip it up by hand, and hopefully, most of the carpet will come up with it.

Now that the final step is to remove the carpet grippers around the edge of the wall with the hammer and screwdrivers. Contact someone in your area for assistance with water damage restoration.